Since the beginning of times, man created tools to expand his own physical capabilities, from hand tools to mobility ones, all had a role and an evolution and still have. Sound instruments are no exception, the evolution of them being historically important and efficient. But we reached a point where the palette of sounds is almost wholly expressed, all the possibilities and the probabilities has expired with the integration of computers in the sound creation process. We have covered all possible waves, shapes, tones of any audible sound existing on the planet, so what is this research about?

Even though our own conviction of the above-mentioned theory can be a deterrent to stop making new music, it shouldn’t. Sound haven’t reached a dead point, and never will. It’s our water, it keeps flowing and allowing us to have a mind expansion that serves to better ourselves and society, the research and study pushed by curiosity and play, following Harry Partch’s path as a dream of every unconventional instrumentalist. And it’s not only Partch the mentor of the unconventional. Nature, Light, Motion, Vibration. These are our ultimate guides.

More news soon about the dates, the line-up is to be confirmed.

Instruments 1

Thursday, 14.01.21, door 19:00
  • Andrea Neumann
  • Magda Mayas
  • Anais Tuerlinckx

Instruments 2

Thursday, 11.02.21, door 19:00
  • Grün
  • Marloes Van Son
  • Sabine Ercklentz
  • Audrey Chen

Instruments 3

Thursday, 11.03.21, door 20:00
  • Rabih Beaini
  • Rashad Becker
  • Francesco Donadello
  • Hildur Guðnadóttir

Instruments 4

Thursday, 01.04.21, door 20:00
  • Rafaele Andrade
  • Robert Henke
  • Anthea Caddy
  • Raed Yassin

Instruments 5

Thursday, 06.05.21, door 20:00
  • Pierre Bastien
  • Gordan
  • Marta De Pascalis

Instruments 6

Thursday, 10.06.21, door 20:00
  • Mazen Kerbaj
  • Axel Dörner
  • Marina Cyrino

Instruments 7

Thursday, 08.07.21, door 20:00
  • Limpe Fuchs
  • Annette Krebs
  • Diane Barbé
  • Joss Turnbull

Instruments 8

Thursday, 05.08.21, door 20:00
  • Massimo Olla
  • Laure Boer
  • Hanna Hartman

Instruments 9

Thursday, 09.09.21, door 20:00
  • Wukir Suryadi
  • Alessandro Salerno
  • Julien Desprez
  • Julia Reidy

Instruments 10

Thursday, 07.10.21, door 12:40
  • Sote
  • Katharina Ernst
  • Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
  • Els Vandemeyer

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