A Philadelphia-based duo steeped in the city’s noise scene, Metasplice crafts planar-shifting, analogue techno, kinetic as an industrial steel sculpture and excruciatingly acute.

“A brutal auditory approximation of how it might feel to have bleach injected directly into your veins: an all-encompassing, ultra-distorted low-end roar that wipes out any other external sensations, wracked by needle-sharp, burning high frequencies that arrive in rhythmic bursts, intensifying then diminishing the pain to the pulse of your weakening heartbeat. Bracing stuff.” Rory Gibb (The Quietus)

“After the Topographical Interference 4 tracker and the abstract headbanger Decant/Churn releases, the duo formed by Kenneth_Lay and V.Hold has established the fundamentals of a real new generation of psychedelia and wild technological freedom. This is the clear and definitive Metasplice manifesto…fist rising, scream if u can read it!” NTS

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