Pauline Oliveros and Ione

While managing the Deep Listening Institute, Pauline Oliveros and Ione shared an intense amount of practices, performances and experimentation over decades. Ione, Oliveros partner and collaborator for more than 30 years, is a noted author, playwright/director and poet, vocalist, author, healer and sound artist.

Ione incorporates her expertise in dreams, mythology, divination and the creative process into a diverse range of expressive pursuits. Pauline Oliveros has contributed sound design for the majority of Ione’s films and plays and is also a collaborator in the evolving project The Nubian Word for Flowers, a Phantom Opera, an exploration in conjunction with several Egyptian artists of the “deep dreams… of the colonial mind”.

In her final year on this planet, Oliveros had completed the Expanded Instrument System, and together with Ione, wrote a series of compositions to be performed on EIS, Accordion and voice. Morphine released the first of these compositions in 2015.

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