Pierre Bastien

Pierre Bastien is a magician, one from the old school, the French one, the optical, sonic and emotional one. Watching his live shows somehow evokes the Lumière Brothers or George Méliès in us, we feel like children in a small village, mesmerized by images, motions, sounds. A true inspiration on how musical structures work, with simplicity and pureness, Pierre Bastien leaves us hanging in a world of sound to fill, with our own words, melodies or rhythms.

Pierre started already in the seventies to build his musical machines, working with Pascal Comelade and making music for dance companies, while developing his mechanical orchestra which reached 80 elements and toured many countries. He released a substantial amount of albums throughout the years, using different approaches to composition each time. Blue as an Orange was released on Morphine in 2015.

“Pierre Bastien: the man who makes Meccano sing (…) a mad musical scientist with a celebrity following” The Guardian

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