me alimento de voces – Mariana Carvalho
Wednesday, 27.09.23, door 19:30
  • 20:00 Listening Session: album
  • 21:00 Performances: Mariana Carvalho solo and duo with Lara Alarcón

8 – 15 Euro donation At The Door
(if possible, bring headphones for the listening session!)

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

The event is dedicated to the release of me alimento de voces (SP019), an album by Mariana Carvalho, out by the label Sello ■ Postal. It will start with a listening session of the binaural album on headphones (bring your own if you can!), followed by a solo performance and the guest Lara Alarcón, one of the contributors to the work.

The album is a mixture of many voices that pass through the body of the artist.

It is the last work of her series me alimento de voces [I feed myself from voices/you], performative works that explore relation and sound inside the body on the act of eating voices. To eat, she shares her inner listening perspective whether asking people to explicitly sing inside her mouth, or ingesting speakers with previously collected voices.

Through a process of correspondence held between January and March of 2022, she collected the material for me alimento de voces in various forms. The exchanges were voice messages, letters, texts, drawings, improvisations, conversations, recipes, field recordings and others. In the end, with each person they gathered voices in audio format, forming an archive.

This record has mainly two methods: pre-recorded material ingested through tiny speakers and mouth-to-mouth vocalization. The swallowed voices were selected, edited, combined, collaged and juxtaposed in very different pieces. Everything was recorded through her body: while eating, she shared my internal listening perspective mostly using binaural microphones, ear protectors and a stethoscope mic. The collection of composed pieces is a result of the contributions, collaborations and their digestive process.

In the album, voices of: Afra Jurkiewicz, AnaRosa Ibañez, Aryadne Lima, Aurora Rodríguez, Brandon LaBelle, Caio Righi, Carlos Eduardo Samuel, Carmen Carvalho, Ceola Tunstall-Behrens, Chorinho do Pinhão, Danilo Sene, Diana Fonseca, Elena Azzedín, Francisco Jalala, Guido Wertheimer, Hellena Kuasne, Inés Terra, Javier Bustos, Lara Alarcón, Maíra Nascimento, Mariana Carvalho, Marina Cyrino, Manu, Miriam Dascal, Moana Holenstein, Natalia Francischini, Nico Bustos, Nico Spitale, Nicolás Dardano, Olívia Locatelli, Pedro Guimarães, Ritamaria, Sarah Alencar, Selu Herraiz, Teté, Varoujan Chetirian, Valéria Bonafé, Vanessa de Michelis, Vicente Antunes Ramos, Ximena Alarcón, Zach Hart.

Recording engineer and mixing: Moana Holenstein
Mastering: Makoto Oshiro
Cover picture: Ana Iramain

Sello ■ Postal is a record label of experimental music and sound art of Berlin — Buenos Aires. It is proposed as a collection of sound works that represent a point in the journey of an artist: a finished work, a spontaneous encounter, a sketch with specific weight, the starting point of an experimental process. An open catalog of the ephemeral. The sound recording as a procedure to delimit form and content of a work at the very moment of its dematerialization.

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