Diana Miron & Raed Yassin Day 2
Sunday, 11.02.24, door 20:00
  • 20:30 Diana Miron and Raed Yassin

10 Euro At The Door

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Diana Miron: Violin, Viola, Voice
Raed Yassin: Double Bass, Objects, Zithers

During the two-day residency at Morphine Raum, the Miron/Yassin duo will present a compelling showcase of their research in electro-acoustic possibilities. This exploration encompasses diverse realms such as Instant composition, Improvisation, Texture, and Structure. The first night will witness a dynamic fusion of electronic and traditional instruments, while the second night will exclusively feature acoustic instruments.

Diana Miron, a versatile musician, vocalist, violinist, violist, and composer, is dedicated to advancing her unique vocal techniques and cultivating a distinctive musical vocabulary. Her international engagements and collaborative endeavors extend beyond performance, encompassing composition for film, theater, and performative installations. Additionally, Miron imparts her expertise in voice and sound through teaching. Rooted in a socio-political context, her work reflects a desire for liberation from stylistic constraints, expressed through sound exploration, both solo and collective improvisation, and captivating performances.

Raed Yassin, a prominent figure in the Lebanese underground music scene, has played a pivotal role for many years. His involvement in various bands and groups, including “A” Trio and PRAED, underscores his diverse musical contributions. As a double bassist, Yassin has developed a distinctive extended technique, employing diverse preparations and objects on his instrument. His focus lies in exploring textures, energies, and vibrations, prioritizing the density of volume and sound over conventional melodic structures. In his role as an electronic musician, Yassin utilizes multiple synthesizers and electronic devices to craft immersive and textural waves of sound, drawing inspiration from early and retro electronics, as well as musique concrète.

Photo of Diana Miron by Laurențiu Coțac
Photo of Raed Yassin by Tony Elieh

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