CTM Festival A2A Workshop: Enyang Urbiks
Sunday, 28.01.24, door 14:00
  • 14:00 Mastering: A Powerful Tool For Sonic Sculpting - Workshop with Enyang Urbiks

10 Euro

Morphine Raum,
Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin
Hinterhof 1. Etage

Step into an mesmerizing audio mastering workshop that celebrates a fusion of technical expertise and artistic expression.

As a mastering engineer, it’s crucial to maintain a vigilant eye on the technical facets, but what truly distinguishes a stellar master is the touch of artistry. Imagine mastering as a sculptor envisioning and chiseling a three-dimensional sonic sculpture. It’s about picturing the final sonic image, channeling the spirit of an artist, and meticulously honing every aspect to achieve a three-dimensional sonic sculpture that evokes emotions.

In this two-part workshop, musician and mastering engineer Enyang Urbiks aka Enyang Ha will begin by sharing insights into their philosophy and listening practices, before jumping into practical mastering exercises that touch on technical topics such as gainstaging, A/D conversion, EQing and limiting, while also transcending the confines of mixing by exploring the breadth and depth of sound. Join us for an enlightening experience that bridges the gap between the technical and the artistic, and discover the transformative power of sculpting sound.
This workshop is open to all levels, with no prior skills in mastering required. No equipment is required to participate, however if you wish to try out Enyang’s examples for yourself please feel free to bring a laptop running with Logic.

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