Morgan Sully and Anjeline Dios / bela
Monday, 22.05.23, door 20:00
  • 20:30 bela
  • 21:15 Morgan Sully & Anjeline Dios

In advance of their upcoming release on Berlin label L-KW, Morgan Sully (US/DE) and Anjeline de Dios (PH) invite you to come listen to a meeting of voice, resonant frequencies, and long grounding bass tones, offering permission to rest and unfurl. Preceded by an intimate performance from musician and performance artist bela (KR).

Anjeline is a Filipina cultural geographer, chant artist, and meditation facilitator. She has taken her practice of improvised polyphonic chants to stages, residencies, and community healing spaces in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Jogjakarta, Semarang, and Malmö. Parallel to this, she conducts and publishes ethnographic research on the cultural geographies of migration and creative labor. Anjeline obtained her PhD in Geography from the National University of Singapore. Her website is

Morgan is an organizer and experimental electronic musician who draws creative strength from the vast diasporas of his fellow southeast Asian kin. Departing from the interconnected punk, noise and rave scenes of southern California, his recent sonic homings invoke the music of his matrilineal roots from Borneo and Java. This history finds its gestural articulation in his performances that traverse chord and texture, recollecting more nuanced musical intervals and atypical rhythms. His website is:

Based between Seoul and Berlin, bela is influenced by Korean folk music and club culture. bela explores the depths of queerness and miscommunication across and beyond the boundaries of language by means of extreme vocal performance and written text, accompanying meticulous electronic composition. Their recent Guidelines EP was released June 2021 via Montreal label Éditions Appærent. Delve in to their wide-ranging work:

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